Does Testosterone Make You Horny?

Does Testosterone Make You Horny?. Testosterone levels are one of many factors that influence male sex drive. You will Learn in this Post Does Testosterone Make You Horny? Then Does Testosterone Make You Last Longer In Bed? Does Testosterone Increase Libido In Women? Followed by… Can You Have High Libido With Low Testosterone? Does Testosterone Make You Horny? It’s important to qualify from the start. Low testosterone levels do not necessarily lead to loss of libido or high testosterone lead to high libido. Sexual interest and drive vary enormously between men regardless of their age, which makes the issue ofContinue reading… Does Testosterone Make You Horny?

Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men

 Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men. As we age testosterone falls, but as a society testosterone levels are also falling. This is mainly because of modern lifestyles and food choices etc… In men aged above thirty, testosterone hormone decreases at a rate of one percent per year. In men, testosterone is important in maintaining a number of body functions. Functions like sex drive, sperm production, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone density, and red blood cells production. When testosterone levels fall, all these functions are affected. Big increases or decreases cause considerable physical and emotional changes. This article is forContinue reading… Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men

How To Produce More Testosterone

How To Produce More Testosterone 25% of men over 30 years old have a testosterone deficiency in the United States. Globally testosterone levels are continuing to fall. Most people don’t realise having optimal testosterone levels is important not just for your overall health, but also for your energy levels. It’s also important for managing your weight and it’s especially important if you’re attempting to put on muscle mass. Your diet and lifestyle have a huge affect on your testosterone levels. Through foods and certain exercises you can increase your testosterone levels within weeks. Here is How To Produce More Testosterone.Continue reading… How To Produce More Testosterone

What Does Testosterone Do?

What Does Testosterone Do ?. Simply put testosterone is an important sex hormone. Testosterone will manage processes in the male body. Processes like libido, energy, immune function, muscle development and bone health. Testosterone is what’s called a chemical messenger… it has control over the development of male sexual characteristics.  It is also found in women, but in a lot smaller amounts. In women the adrenal glands and ovaries will produce small amounts of testosterone. Peak production will be around 20 years old, with slow decline every year after. For guys… as well as managing sperm… testosterone will also affect sexContinue reading… What Does Testosterone Do?